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Home News New issue of Psychology Journal of University “Dubna”

New issue of Psychology Journal of University “Dubna”

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Dear colleagues! Please be informed that a new issue of Psychology Journal of University “Dubna” came out.
  1. Zinchenko V.P., Meshcheryakov B.G. Peter Ivanovich Zinchenko (1903-1969): His Life and Works
  2. Goncharov O.A., Romanov S.G. Categorical effects of color discrimination. Part 1. The linguistic aspect.
  3. Nazarov A.I. Associations without associanism
  4. Meshcheryakov B.G. The covert recognition and unconscious emotional effect of faces
  5. Melehin A.I. Representation Of Time Preschool Children In Normal And Mental Retardation
  6. Kulchitskaya R.U., Vorobiova E.V. Psychological Characteristics of Paternity
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Bozhovich Lidiya IlyinichnaBozhovich Lidiya Ilyinichna
11.01.1908 - 21.07.1981
Psychologist. Student of L.S. Vygotsky.
“She created her own original concept of personality based on cultural-historical theory of Vygotsky. The basis of her concept is the notion of potency and freedom of the personality…”A.M. Prikhozhan