UNESCO Chair on the Cultural and Historical Psychology of Childhood

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

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Journal of Cultural-Historical PsychologyCultural-Historical Psychology is a quarterly journal published by Moscow State University of psychology and Education (www.mgppu.ru). It is the International Society for Cultural and Activity Research is affiliated journal. It is recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation for publishing doctoral research results.

Cultural-Historical Psychology indexed in EBSCO and PsychINFO as well as Russian scientific databases.

Cultural-Historical Psychology is an international journal that is dedicated to history, current advances and future perspectives of cultural-historical psychology of L.S. Vygotsky. The journal is aimed to publish classical achieves and original works on methodological, theoretical and practical issues of cultural-historical psychology, activity theory and their contemporary modifications alongside with concordant approaches such as dialogical studies and social constructionism.

Cultural-Historical Psychology provides the scene for dialogue and collaboration of researchers of cultural-activity theory all over the world. The journal submits manuscripts in Russian and in English (which can be then translated or published in the original). All papers published in the journal have been fully peer-reviewed by double-blind review by the members of international editorial board.

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Cultural-Historical Psychology free access digests:

Leontiev Alexei NikolaevichLeontiev Alexei Nikolaevich
05.02.1903 - 21.02.1979
Psychologist, founder and developer of Activity approach in psychology.
“Since 1996 … and to the last day of his life A.N. Leontiev was the permanent dean and Chairman of department of general psychology. As a matter of fact, the psychology department was created by him, and … there is no denying that he defined it’s scientific “face”. A.A. Leontiev