UNESCO Chair on the Cultural and Historical Psychology of Childhood

Moscow State University of Psychology and Education

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Vladimir ZinchenkoThe Chair cordially congratulates Vladimir P. on his jubilee.
For many years  has been working with us, teaching his course for PhD students  "External and internal forms of psychological reality"
We wish him good health, the implementation of planned and new achievements!
Chair staff
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“Children, development and education”

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“Children, development and education”
We bring your attention to a new book from Springer publishing house –“Children, development and education”  under the editorship of Michalis Kondopolis, Christoph Wulf and Bernd Fichtner. This book may interest anthropologists, educators, psychologists, sociologists – everyone who works in the area of modern education.
All ISCAR members are granted 25% discount on the order of this book. Additional information can be found on the publisher’s website.
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Vacant PhD Stipend in one or more of the following areas: Children and Media, Game Industry, Science and Technology Studies

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The public debate on if and how violent computer games are harmful to children is a recurrent one. The stances of gamers, the game industry, scientists and game regulators are divergent. All are knowledgeable about the potential harm of violent games. But how do they come to know? How are different ways of knowing what media harm is formed in everyday practice? How are different ways of knowing media harm intertwined? The aim of the project “Knowing Media Harm: Production and Circulation” is to describe and characterise how media harm is known in different areas of German society.
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New issue of “Dubna” university journal

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Психологический журнал университета We announce a new issue of Psychological journal of International University of nature, society and human “Dubna” (#4 2010). In it you can find an article by I.A. Korepanova “More on parallelogram of memory development: Moscow sample data”. Click here to read.
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Free access to Еducation Аrena

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Еducation АrenaDear colleagues, We are delighted to inform you that throughout April 2011 the Еducation Аrena offers free online access to their complete range of Routledge Education Journals. The collection contains 228 journals in Education, making this a unique opportunity. Link to Еducation Аrena.
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Galperin Piotr YakovlevichGalperin Piotr Yakovlevich
2.10.1902 - 25.03.1988
Psychologist, author of theory of systematic formation of mental acts.
“Short of stature, with a sharp voice, very accurate both in the way he looks and in what he says. He had a good sense of humor: his laughter was frequent and very contagious.” P. Tulviste