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Opening of 3rd International ISCAR Summer University "Moving with and beyond Vygotsky".

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ISU 2012

Dear friends! The III International ISCAR Summer University "Moving with and beyond Vygotsky" has begun! The opening ceremony took place in MSUPE today, on July 2, 2012. After a traditional welcome address from the Rector of MSUPE Vitaly Rubtsov, the opening lecture and discussion on anthropology and education was given by our special guest Prof. Christoph Wulf. 

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XIII International readings in memory of L.S. Vygotsky

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Dear colleagues, We are pleased to invite you to participate in XIII International readings in memory of L.S. Vygotsky, entitled “Personality as a subject of classical and non-classical psychology”. The event will take place on November 13-17, 2012 in Russian State University of Humanities, Institute of Psychology n.a. L.S. Vygotsky (Moscow, Russia). 
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110th anniversary of P.Ya. Galperin

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P.Ya. Galperin
Dear colleagues! On October 2-4, 2012 you are invited to an International scientific conference entitled "New life to classical theory: celebrating 110th anniversary of P.Ya. Galperin". The goal of the conference is  to discuss pressing issues of practical application of Galperin's scientific concept, and the current state of the art in this area of science. 
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A book by Tatiana Akhutina and Natalya Pylaeva

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Ахутина Т.В.
"Overcoming Learning Disabilities - a vygotskian-lurian neuropsychological approach". A book with this title was published by Cambridge University Press. It's authors are Russian scholars, disciples of renown neuropsychologist A.R. Luriya. The book presents both general basis of correctional-developmental work and specific recommendations on overcoming different kinds of learning disabilities. The main idea of organizing help is working in the zone of proximal development of the child, taking into account the child's strong and weak elements of higher mental functions. Special attention is given in this fundamental  work to help children develop a skill of planning and controlling his/her own actions, successfully process visual-spatial information.
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Lectures by professor Akhutina

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T.V. Akhutina
Dear PhD students and young scholars! We are pleased to invite you to a course of lectures by professor T.V. Akhutina entitled "Applications of Vygotsky's ideas in developmental and correctional education (Russian and foreign data)". The lectures will take place on May 29th, 30th and 31st in MSUPE (Sretenka, 29). Lectures begin at 18:10 pm.
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Levina Rosa EvgenievnaLevina Rosa Evgenievna
25.02.1908 - 1989
Psychologist, educator, area of research – speech disorders. Student of L.S. Vygotsky.