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Chelpanovskye Readings – 2016: Dialogue of Scientific School of Psychological Institute

On 15th November 2016 “Chelpanovskye Readings – 2016: The Dialogue of Scientific Schools of Psychological Institute – L.S. Vygotsky, B.M. Teplov, G.I. Chelpanov” will be held at Psychological Institute of Russian Academy of Education (9-4 Mokhovaya str., Moscow). 

2016 is the year of anniversaries which are connected to the names of the founders of the largest Russian scientific schools which were formed at the Psychological Institute, the first Russian psychological center of science and education: 
  • The L.S. Vygotsky 120th anniversary . He was the outstanding Russian psychologists, the creator of the cultural-historical approach in Psychology, the researcher of the Psychological Institute in 1920’s-1930’s 
  • The B.M. Teplov 120th Anniversary. He was an outstanding scientist, the founder of the differential psychophysiology, devoted forty years of his life to work at the Psychological Institute. 
  • The 120th Anniversary of G.I. Chelpanov’s fundamental work. His work marked the beginning of original Russian psychological school in the university which was founded by him. 
The following questions will be discussed at the conference: 
  • The research potential of the Chelpanov’s research school, cultural-historical approach and differential psychophysiology in the global process of development of psychological thought. 
  • The relevance of the scientific schools in addressing mental development 
  • The unique phenomenon of creativity and mutual enrichment of scientific schools, which was realized in research practice of Psychological Institute.
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Leontiev Alexei NikolaevichLeontiev Alexei Nikolaevich
05.02.1903 - 21.02.1979
Psychologist, founder and developer of Activity approach in psychology.
“Since 1996 … and to the last day of his life A.N. Leontiev was the permanent dean and Chairman of department of general psychology. As a matter of fact, the psychology department was created by him, and … there is no denying that he defined it’s scientific “face”. A.A. Leontiev