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Department Chair
Vitaly Rubtsov

The international Department of Cultural-Historical Psychology was founded in 2002 as a special project of Moscow State University of Psychology and Education.
The Department’s work is intended for development and propagation of theoretical and experimental basis of Cultural-Historical school, analysis of contemporary trends in this area and representing the scientific school of cultural-historical psychology in the international community.
The main tasks of the Department are – transmission of ideas of cultural-historical psychology, organizing research and development in this area, training of specialists in psychology with profound theoretical and experimental knowledge and good orientation in contemporary interdisciplinary research performed in the framework of cultural-historical school of thought.
Main areas of activity

Educational activity

The Department organizes an annual interactive course, including lectures and seminars, for PhD students and young scholars of MSUPE, entitled “Theoretical and practical problems of modern cultural-historical psychology”.
The special courses provide knowledge in history and methodology of psychology, development psychology, psychology of art, up-to-date trends, both Russian and foreign, of cultural-historical psychology.
The professors of this course are leading specialists in cultural-historical psychology from Russia, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Finland.
At present the Department is developing an international Master’s program entitled “Cultural-historical psychology”. This program conforms to international educational standards, and training will be done in English; this will provide a possibility for high-level education in this area to both Russian and foreign students.

International activities of the Department

The main direction of the Department’s international activity is cooperation with International Society of Cultural and Activity Research (ISCAR). The head of the Cultural-Historical Psychology Department, V.V. Rubtsov, is a member of ISCAR’s executive committee.
To coordinate activities of Russian members of ISCAR a Russian branch of ISCAR was created in 2005. Then the Russian-Ukrainian branch of ISCAR – RUISCAR – was established in 2008. The Russian-Ukrainian branch sees it’s purpose in broadening the cooperation of Russian scholars and researchers of Western world, and initiating joint research in the area of cultural-historical theory and activity approach in psychology.
You can find ISCAR news, information on completed and future conferences, news on books, articles and journals in the subject area, reviews of dissertation works in the area of cultural-historical and activity psychology in the Information Bulletins of RUISCAR published quarterly.
Between 2006 and 2010 the working group organized within the Department carried out a project of creating and supporting the international internet portal of ISCAR.
In 2010 the leading specialists of the Department took part in preparation and implementation of the First UNESCO World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education. They participated in carrying out special events of the international conference: “Development in early age and upbringing and education of young children: Vygotsky’s perspective”, “Psychological and educational support of children in education and upbringing of young children”, “Professional training of educators and specialists in the area of upbringing and education of young children”, “Cooperation with parents in upbringing and education of young children”. Their experience in this area will also be presented on the next International congress of ISCAR in 2011.
The Cultural-historical Psychology Department organizes in MSUPE the Annual International summer school of ISCAR for PhD students and young scholars, which combines intensive study program and space for informal communication and exchange of ideas with noted European scholars in the area of cultural-historical psychology. The first Summer school, held in June 2010, entitled “Methodology of cultural-historical research: rethinking past for the future”, has drawn great interest of the participants and received great appreciation from international psychological community.  

Scientific and research activity
The scientific and research activity in the area of cultural-historical psychology is implemented in the facilities of Laboratory “Theoretical and experimental problems of cultural-historical psychology”.
 The tasks of the Laboratory are:
  1. Development of experimental research in the area of cultural-historical psychology
  2. Popularization of achievements in cultural-historical psychology in Russia and abroad
  3. Development of scientific relations with foreign psychologists in the area of cultural-historical psychology
The main research subjects of the Laboratory “Theoretical and experimental problems of cultural-historical psychology” are:
Publishing activity
One of the key projects of the Department is the Journal “Cultural-historical psychology” – a specialized scientific periodic publication dedicated to problems of cultural-historical psychology. The journal is published quarterly. It is an affiliate journal of International Society of Cultural and Activity Research ISCAR. The journal is included in the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles specification and PsyINFO Journals Coverage database.
The nearest plans of the Department is to begin working on the book series “Cultural-historical psychology”, which will include classic and contemporary works in this area.

More detailed information on the Department’s work and scientific projects, information on laboratory of theoretical and experimental problems of cultural-historical psychology, and also Russian and foreign news can be found on our website
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